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Page 1: The Steel City

8th Jul 2015, 8:00 PM in The Hunted
Page 1: The Steel City
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Kate Whitaker and Ashley Jane 8th Jul 2015, 3:52 PM
Kate Whitaker and Ashley Jane
When Ashley and I first started kicking around ideas, one of the things we agreed on was that we wanted to establish the City as a character in its own right, immediately. I was a tad fanatical about what I wanted, but luckily, Ashley could deliver.
We choose very specific pictures, and Ashley painted them. So, a shout out to the photographers who captured my favorite city:
Panel 1: Simple Ten on Flickr
Panel 2: Keith Srakocic/AP Photo
Panel 3: Found on Rachel Booth’s article on PopCity
Panel 4: armando100_2000 on Flickr
Panel 5: Getty Images
And again, kudos to Ashley for putting up my various insanities.